Leadership Committee Roles

volunteer & Hospitality

Are you the ultimate people person? Do you jump out of bed wanting to build a community that is supportive of our amazing, diverse community? Do you dream of recruiting volunteers to support a non-profit that creates a safe place for teens and their families? Do you love making people feel good by providing them the food, drink or that little something they need in the moment? 

  • Responsible for recruiting Volunteers & Hospitality committee members and managing them during the giveaway season
  • Responsible for recruiting volunteers for committees and giveaways
  • Responsible for creating a volunteer database, volunteer schedule for giveaway days and volunteer orientation 
  • Responsible for hospitality at giveaway events, including outreach for food/drink donations for volunteer room at giveaway events
  • Responsible for thanking volunteers (and possibly hosting a volunteer thank you event/happy hour, etc.).

Site & Staging

Do you love finding the right space and decorating it to nines? Is Interior Design your passion? Do you want to help create a beautiful space that allows teens and their families to feel comfortable and empowered to select the formal wear of that teen’s dreams for their prom? Are you passionate about finding the perfect venue to encourage and celebrate the people who allow The Princess Project to meet our mission? 

  • Responsible for recruiting Site & Staging committee members and managing them during the giveaway season
  • Secures giveaway space, arranges utilities and services for space, and develops and organizes all aspects of physical site (including creating a schedule for site from first day to move out)
  • Serves as key contact for site and all site-related issues
  • Maintains clean, safe and orderly site space, hires and manages security staff during giveaways (as needed)
  • Manages all aspects of staging the site (with volunteer committee), including out reach to vendors for donation of staging and decoration material (tables, chairs, linens, etc) as well as clean-up post-giveaways.
  • Responsible for getting leftover dresses/accessories to storage post-giveaway


Are you someone who color codes their calendar? Do you know the Sonoma County high schools? Are you interested in reaching out to schools to help them spread the word about The Princes Project?

  • Responsible for recruiting Community committee members and managing them during the giveaway season
  • Responsible for managing Group Appointments, including identifying organizations/school groups to inform and invite to group appointments
  • Schedules all group appointment giveaway events with input from President and Site & Staging Chairs
  • Responsible for Teen Outreach including contacting local high schools to introduce The Princess Project’s mission and values
  • Communicates with school contacts to maintain interest  and participation in giveaways

accessories & Swag Bag

Do you love finding the right accessory for an outfit? Is your fashion creativity complemented by your ability to organize? Do you love hair and makeup products? Do you dream in Kylie lip kit colors? Do you just love the idea of filling Swag Bags and handing out swag to teens to complement their Princess Project experience?

  • Responsible for recruiting Accessories & Swag Bag committee members and managing them during the giveaway season
  • Responsible for securing all accessories donations for dress giveaways, including outreach to local retailers & accessories companies and larger accessories companies
  • Responsible for securing all donations for goodie bags given to girls upon giveaway check out including items such as cosmetics, coupons, skin or hair care products, etc.
  • Responsible for acquiring actual bags for the teens dresses at check-out


Do you love dresses and fashion? Is matching up the right girl with the right dress something you love to do? Do you watch "Say Yes to the Dress"? Is there nothing better than helping a teen find the right dress or outfit for their prom? Do you have retail dreams of inventory, racks of gorgeous formal dresses and searching for that perfect dress in the right size, color and fit?

  • Responsible for recruiting Dress committee members and managing them during the giveaway season
  • Responsible for coordinating and managing all dress donations from general public and for local outreach to dress retailers and companies. Partners with accessories chair to ensure no duplication of efforts.
  • Partners with Community Chairs to contact schools to have dress drives.
  • Manages dress collection process and receipts for donations
  • Responsible for purchasing any dresses required outside of donated items.  

Is fundraising for a cause your passion? Do you love to research grants and come up with novel ideas to raise money? 

  • Responsible for recruiting Fundraising committee members and managing them during the giveaway season
  • Raises funds annually to successfully execute dress giveaways
  • Plans one or more fundraising events to generate funds
  • Works with Marketing chairs to publicize events and drive attendance
  • Tracks donors to ensure proper thank you notes and tax letters are sent


Marketing and Social Media 

Is writing copy for print media what you live for? Are you web savvy? Can you hashtag to ensure our target audience is drawn to our social media accounts and campaigns? Do you have an eye for graphic design and layout? Is running a website, building a wireframe and drafting content your favorite activity? Do you dream of taking perfect pictures of events, volunteers, and apparel galore and crediting the designer or vendor, drawing thousands of likes to a single image? Is your goal 1M Instagram followers? 

  • Responsible for recruiting Marketing committee members and managing them during the giveaway season
  • Works with BOD to create all marketing, PR and social media regarding your site including events, fundraisers, general information, volunteer recruitment and giveaways
  • Manages all content and communication for the site specific area of the princessproject.org website and manages social media sites
  • Works with BOD to create signage and content for events, proofs content from all committees and ensures collateral and marketing materials are accurate 
  • Tracks data from giveaways, including information about teens served, schools served, etc