Sonoma Magazine 

Sonoma County Retail Pop-Up to Give Prom Dresses to Local Teens in Need

High school is hard. Let us who’ve been through it count the ways. Add to this the grand, but sometimes fraught finale called “the prom”...

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LGBTQ+ Prom Opens Up Local
Church for Students

The first annual Westside LGBTQ+ Prom is taking place this Friday evening, May 18 at the Church in Ocean Park in Santa Monica. The interfaith church has held “Queer Proms” in the past, but this year is the first that the prom’s sponsor...

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The Corsair

April Showers Bring Gay Proms

Two gay prom events are slated to take place this summer to allow LGBTQ+ kids from all over the country to celebrate their love on the dance floor.

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The Pride


Karl Lagerfeld is giving away free prom dresses to empower young women

The Chanel and Fendi creative director teamed up with Girls Inc., and other places to get a prom dress at no cost... 

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Teen Vogue

Benefit Cosmetics Is Donating May Eyebrow Wax Proceeds to Charity

Benefit may be best known for its iconic brow products, but there's another reason to consider them for all your brow-related needs...

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Benefit Cosmetics Is Donating Proceeds to Charity for the Whole Month of May

Benefits Cosmetics is known for producing some of the best eyebrow products, including the 3D Brow Tone eyebrow enhancer...

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